Seeking performers for 2019!

We’re getting ready for Dyke March 2019, and are still sourcing performers! If you’re dyke-identified, please reach out to us via this form!

What do we mean by dyke?

Dyke identity represents the reclaiming of a term historically used to oppress masculine presenting women and/or lesbians, or women/womyn/womxn attracted to other women/womyn/womxn. The term dyke now encompasses a multitude of sexual orientations and gender identities including, but not limited to the following: queer, lesbian, bisexual, trans* and cisgender women/womyn/womxn, and gender non-binary folx. For some, dyke identity speaks to one’s romantic and/or sexual attractions and behaviors and for others it also takes on a more political meaning. Most importantly, it is about how the individual identifies.