A Message From the Organizers

To our dearest Dykes, otherwise identified LGBTQ+ community members, and co-conspirators:

These are unprecedented times that call for unprecedented measures. The safety and health of our ENTIRE community is our top priority. As such, we are postponing the protest for now.

We hope to re-energize our in-person movement in the near future when it is most appropriate to do so. We promise to keep you updated on a new date when determined.

We thank you from the bottom of our Dyke hearts for the love and support over the years. We remain united, especially in these trying times, and we will not let anything silence us! As we consider when to reschedule, we center our belief that NO Dyke is expendable and we are taking into consideration the most vulnerable within our community in many regards. We promise to see everyone again as soon as it is appropriately safe to do so!

In the meantime, we welcome you to email (phillydykemarch at gmail.com) and message us with pictures and words to honor what the Philly Dyke March has meant to you over the years. As we approach what would have been our time to #BeVisible #BeHeard and to #JustBeOurDamnDykeSelves, we will relocate our movement online until we can take OUR STREETS again!

We’re STILL here, STILL queer, and STILL phucking fabulous,
Your 2020 Dyke March Organizers

What do we mean by dyke?

Dyke identity represents the reclaiming of a term historically used to oppress masculine presenting women and/or lesbians, or women/womyn/womxn attracted to other women/womyn/womxn. The term dyke now encompasses a multitude of sexual orientations and gender identities including, but not limited to the following: queer, lesbian, bisexual, trans* and cisgender women/womyn/womxn, and gender non-binary folx. For some, dyke identity speaks to one’s romantic and/or sexual attractions and behaviors and for others it also takes on a more political meaning. Most importantly, it is about how the individual identifies.